Meet team thunder who’s behind the mission to run in unison with our employees and customers to support National Security Programs while creating a consistent pattern of delivering first-rate engineering services.

Rita Peterson, Chief Executive Officer

As an esteemed member of the Indigenous Community, Rita carries a profound connection to her ancestral heritage, fueling her unwavering commitment to empower and uplift Indigenous People. It is her fervent mission to pave the way for inclusivity by creating unprecedented opportunities for Indigenous talent within the National Security Industry, ultimately dismantling barriers and collectively building a future that shines brightly for all.

For over a decade, Rita has proudly held the helm of a National Security engineering services small business, fervently dedicated to driving positive change within the Defense and Intelligence realms. Her passion lies in safeguarding our nation through the implementation of innovative solutions, ensuring the protection and security of our land with unwavering dedication.

Fueled by an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit, she wholeheartedly embraces challenges as opportunities for growth. Rita thrives in the face of adversity, employing a proactive approach to transform obstacles into steppingstones towards success. Together with her exceptional team, they embark on intricate projects, skillfully navigating the complexities inherent in their field. Caribou Thunder remains agile and adaptable, continuously embracing emerging technologies to forge ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of national security. To her esteemed peers and industry partners, Rita extends an invitation to join forces and embark on this transformative journey together. Let us collaborate, innovate, and pave the way for a future that not only ensures our collective security but also fosters diversity, equality, and excellence in every aspect of our endeavors.

Tom Piffarerio, Chief Operating Officer

Tom Piffarerio serves as the Chief Operating Officer for Caribou Thunder LLC. He brings extensive experience within finance and accounting and is responsible for overseeing financial operations along with contract development. Tom comes to Caribou Thunder after working as a Virtual CFO with the Summit CPA Group. As CFO he worked closely with multiple small business owners to help guide the companies to success, including cash flow management, forecasting, budgeting and business development. Prior to Summit, Tom worked with Vectrus Corporation.

There he served in multiple roles including Financial Reporting Manager, Internal Audit/Compliance and most recently Technical Accounting and SEC Reporting. He was an integral part in the financial reporting and success of the $1.2B organization and brings that diverse range of experience to Caribou Thunder. Additionally, Tom was an adjunct Professor, teaching various levels of accounting courses at Pikes Peak State College and Colorado Technical University. Tom holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Denver, an MBA in Accounting from the University of Phoenix and is a Certified Public Accountant for the State of Colorado.

Ted Wallace, Technical Program Director

Ted Wallace, the Technical Program Director at Caribou Thunder, Chief Engineer, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of extensive experience in the fields of Modeling and Simulation, Systems Engineering, and Cybersecurity. His expertise spans a wide range of technical domains, making him an invaluable asset to Caribou Thunder and its partners.

As the driving force behind high-level program initiatives, Ted takes charge of strategizing and implementing comprehensive plans that guide projects from inception to successful completion. His exceptional leadership skills enable him to effectively coordinate and lead projects, fostering the development of high-performing teams within the organization. Ted skillfully manages a diverse portfolio of highly complex projects, exhibiting a dynamic and high-paced energy that propels Caribou Thunder to achieve superior performance in its major business sectors, including Engineering Services, Cybersecurity, DevSecOps, Digital Engineering, and Modeling and Simulation. Under his guidance, Caribou Thunder thrives, and its reputation for excellence in these critical domains continues to soar.

Salvador Rosas, Recruiting Manager

Salvador Rosas holds the esteemed position of Recruiting Manager at Caribou Thunder Engineering Services, where he brings a wealth of expertise and experience in leadership and sales, specifically in the information and financial services sectors. Salvador has an outstanding track record, having excelled in various roles within these domains. Before joining the dynamic Caribou Thunder team, he played a pivotal role in driving sales growth and nurturing valuable relationships for leading financial services organizations in the county. Salvador’s responsibilities included overseeing assets totaling well over $1 trillion, highlighting his exceptional ability to navigate intricate financial landscapes.

In his current role at Caribou Thunder Engineering Services, Salvador leads a dedicated team responsible for identifying, recruiting, and onboarding top-tier industry talent. This task is a critical aspect of Caribou Thunder’s mission to enhance its workforce, which plays a crucial role in supporting a wide array of government initiatives.

Caribou Thunder takes great pride in having Salvador Rosas at the helm of our recruiting and talent acquisition efforts. His impressive background and leadership skills make him an invaluable asset as we continue to strive for excellence in the engineering and government contracting sectors.

Alexis Sanchez, Executive Assistant to the CEO

Alexis Sanchez currently holds the position of Executive Assistant to Caribou Thunder’s CEO, Rita Peterson. Her journey with the company began in May 2022 when she started as the first Bookkeeping Intern. This was just the prelude to her evolving journey within this dynamic organization. Since then, she has become an indispensable part of the team. Alexis masterfully navigates a spectrum of responsibilities in her multifaceted role, including managing the CEO’s schedule, project management, enhancing relationships with key leaders in Defense and National Security, travel and event coordination, supporting marketing and branding efforts, and assisting with company accounting procedures.

This comprehensive role extends to Caribou Thunder’s philanthropic non-profit organization, Indigenous Minds. Alexis led efforts in coordinating the weeklong STEAMS (Science Technology Engineering Art Math Spirituality) Camp for the Native American students from the White Earth Reservation in Northern Minnesota. Alexis readily lends her support wherever needed, ensuring the seamless and successful execution of various processes that impact Caribou Thunder and its employees, both domestically and internationally.

Alexis possesses professional adaptability, with a strong aptitude for technology, flexibility, and gaining insights from her close collaboration with the CEO. Her professional growth as an Executive Assistant is ever evolving as she aspires to broaden her knowledge in the National Security and Intelligence Sectors.